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200% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Do you want peace of mind….Guaranteed?

GreyStone Inspection Services Guarantees your satisfaction without fine print!

Many of our inspections are for first time home buyers or customers that have been disappointed by other inspection companies. Our goal is to put these customers at ease by offering a 200% Satisfaction Guarantee!

At the completion of the inspection, if the client is not satisfied with the level of service provided, the cost of the home inspection is refunded back 100%.

GreyStone Inspection Services will pay 100% of the cost for another ASHI Inspector of the customer’s choosing to complete the inspection (up to the value of the original inspection. Does not include ancillary services. Check paid directly to the inspection company customer chooses).

We fully encourage all clients to attend the inspection so the 200% Guarantee only applies to those who attend the inspection.

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